Our Research and Customer Experience team is dedicated to truly understanding your customer. With a fully customizable suite of research and user experience services, we can seamlessly gather information and provide a prioritized roadmap for optimization.

Define the user perspective to redefine the customer experience.

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Usability Testing

Is your site, product, mobile app, email or direct mail piece easy to use? Usability Testing evaluates a system or system design by observing real user interactions.


We investigate product intuitiveness and overall usability, performing a detailed analysis to ensure that our results translate into actionable design improvements. Depending on the type of usability test conducted, we offer a wide range of deliverables, gathered in our lab or remotely:

  • Collaborative recruiting and documented session strategy
  • All-inclusive approach to participant recruiting and compensation
  • Session transcripts and data with expert recommendations
  • Abandonment points identified, with cause determined
  • Visual illustrations and HD video recordings for easy reference

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Eye Tracking

Do you see what your customers see? Eye Tracking provides insight into the visual experience. The results allow our clients to optimize websites, physical products, direct mail, email, mobile experiences, and more.


Additional results include:

  • Determine areas of interest and areas that are ignored or not seen
  • Assess the user decision-making process
  • Explain inefficient or ineffective performance
  • Identify scanning and search patterns
  • Evaluate the match between visual design and business objectives

As the only marketing firm in the Midwest with both in-lab and mobile eye tracking capabilities, we offer an unparalleled first look into the customer’s decision-making process and behavioral patterns.

Bee Swarm: displays areas of gaze fixation, where each colored ring indicates a different respondent

Focus Maps: data is displayed using a gray scale, ranging from light (area of more focus) to dark (area of less focus)

Heat Maps: data is displayed by a series of colors, ranging from light (areas of less focus) to dark (areas of more focus)

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Emotional Testing

Feeling ok? Understanding how users emotionally respond to products and services can help refine and improve the overall customer experience and increase conversions.


By using a 16-node, wireless EEG device, we monitor electrical impulses in the brain to measure user thoughts, feelings, expressions and levels of engagement in real-time. Whether they’re excited, frustrated or bored, EEG technology provides valuable, scientific and instantaneous insights to customer reactions.

Facial expressions and nonverbal reactions can also be analyzed from brain waves, to present a powerful emotional picture of target users as they engage with products.

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Heuristic Evaluations

Need a quick evaluation of your work, in the true voice of a target user? We can review emails, direct mail pieces, websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, and software interfaces with an expert eye.


Heuristics cover multiple aspects of design, including:

  • Architecture and Navigation
  • Labeling and Content
  • Persuasiveness and Satisfaction
  • Terminology and Credibility

We consider more than 85 best practices for direct mail and more than 100 best practices for email and websites in our high-level analysis. Deliverables include:

  • Opportunities for improvement, prioritized by impact
  • Actionable, strategic recommendations with every finding

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Customer Journey Mapping

How do your customers experience your brand, product or service? What does the holistic, multi-channel experience look like? And what opportunities are there to improve it?


Take a close look at your customers — their motivations, goals, frustrations, and brand reactions — and the process they go through in the multi-channel experience to identify ways to increase satisfaction, loyalty, and conversion.

Customer journey maps visually communicate the overall experience, explaining a customer’s non-linear journey, and in turn can help to:

  • Guide strategic discussions, training exercises and design practices
  • Identify opportunities to streamline communication efforts
  • Determine what message to deliver and when to meet information needs
  • Gain operational efficiencies
  • Maintain focus during changes in organizational structure
  • Identify inconsistencies and “choke points” across channels and touch points
  • Maximize cross-channel consistency and efficiency
  • Pinpoint and prioritize key moments/situations in the customer journey
  • Inform development of contact and content strategies
  • Find opportunities to differentiate and gain competitive advantages
  • Create channel- and device-agnostic visions
  • Determine if brand is delivering on its promise

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Ethnographic Research

Observe participant behavior in a natural setting, using real-world factors to answer questions about the true use of products and services.


With backgrounds in Anthropology and User Experience, our team can explore a wide range of real-world scenarios:

  • Use of software in an office or other workplace
  • Flow and layout of retail stores and public spaces (parks, sidewalks, bike paths)
  • Use of products at home or how products were adapted for home use
  • Use of promotional materials or services at home or work

Deliverables may include:

  • Maps to show flow and interactions with spaces
  • Light user personas or journey maps to show customer decision-making processes and judgments
  • Reports with highlighted findings and expert recommendations

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Focus Groups

Need an inside look into the minds of specific target audiences? Our roundtable approach puts focus group participants first, allowing them to feel comfortable enough to freely express consumer preferences, product issues and personal opinions.


The sessions are guided by expert moderators to keep the conversation on track, and best serve client objectives. Our state-of-the-art lab enables us to capture the best data to focus equally on every participant. Deliverables include:

  • Collaborative recruiting and group strategy documentation
  • All-inclusive approach to participant recruiting, compensation, and other costs
  • A session report with findings, recommendations, analyst observations, survey data (if applicable) and select user comments
  • Digital video recordings and session transcripts

Precision Experience Lab

The days of sterile lab environments and single one-way mirrors are over.

Precision Experience Lab℠ was built with usability testing in mind, from our focus on technology and functional layout, to the extra perks that make observing a study more enjoyable. The space enables our team to provide unbiased, expert results.

With over 2,100 square feet of dedicated customer research space, our lab allows clients to observe customer behavior in a state-of-the-art facility. Check out the Precision Experience Lab℠ below or schedule a visit to our facility.

Experience Lab Participant Room
Sound-Resistant Participant Room
Sound-resistant and private participant room intimate enough for testing one respondent, yet flexible enough to easily accommodate focus groups.
Experience Lab Creature Comforts
Creature Comforts
Comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, whiteboards, a full kitchen, ability to test and observe remotely.
Experience Lab Observation Room
Designed with Purpose
Separate entrances for observers and participants, with a private breakout/work room with a desk, phone and copier.
Eye Tracking
In-Lab and On-Site Eye Tracking
Eye tracking and EEG capabilities, numerous hidden cameras, projected and flat-screen displays, lab communication via iPads, in-lab/mobile/field-based research options.
EEG Headset
Emotional Testing via EEG from Anywhere
Eye tracking and EEG capabilities, numerous hidden cameras, projected and flat-screen displays, lab communication via iPads, in-lab/mobile/field-based research options.
Video Research Lab
Observation and Real-time Audio Visual
Camouflaged cameras in participant room, including a top-down camera for paper prototypes or direct mail testing. Real-time audio visual monitoring with a projector screen, several large flat screen displays and one-way mirror.
Lab User Room
Customizable User Room
Customizable user room for usability testing, focus groups, mobile, tablet and physical product testing.
Lab Control Room
Control Center
Control center for better eye tracking and higher video quality.
Cleveland Ohio
Midwest Location
Close to Cleveland’s best hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, and just 7 miles from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

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