The Direct Mail Promo Your (Strictly) Digital Marketing Needed

Strictly digital. Does this sound like your brand’s approach to marketing?

According to Data & Marketing Association’s “Response Rate Report,” the household response rate for direct mail is at 3.7%, impressive when compared to popular digital marketing channels, e.g., mobile (.2%), email (.12%), social media (.1%), and  internet display (.02%).

From my experience, direct mail can have a significant and positive impact on even the most digital-centric marketing campaigns. Direct mail will:

  • Serve as a key driver in most multi-channel marketing plans
  • Activate other campaign elements like email
  • Introduce a tactile call-to-action to appease customers who prefer print
  • Provide reliable tracking and analytics

So, what’s keeping you from getting in on this direct mail action? Commitment … cost … inexperience?

Whatever your reason(s), an upcoming USPS promotion may be just what your brand needs to get its feet wet with direct mail.

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2017 USPS Promotions
Calendar & Cheat Sheet

The Direct Mail Starter Promotion

In short: First-time mailers are offered this promotion to promote events and offers that incorporate the use of print-mobile technology – QR codes, barcode tracking, augmented reality, near-field communications, etc. – on up to 10,000 mailpieces during the length of the promotion. Sending consumers to mobile-optimized websites using one or more of these advanced technologies will qualify mailings for a 5% upfront postage discount.

Additional program requirements include:

  • All mailpieces utilizing mobile technology must have directional copy adjacent to the technology image and must lead to a fully optimized mobile website.
  • Included in this promotion is the option to use an automated mail tracking system that uses barcode scanning technology to track mailings through the USPS system to accurately predict when mailings are delivered to a customer’s mailbox.

Promotion registration window: Now until July 31, 2017
Promotion period: May 1 – July 31, 2017

To check out all of the details, read the USPS’ official Direct Mail Starter promotion guidelines here. If you’d prefer the Cliff Notes version – for now – download our 2017 USPS Promotions Calendar & Cheat Sheet.

Increase the Response Rate of Your (Digital) Marketing Campaign

It’s hard to deny direct mail’s place in a multi-channel marketing campaign, especially when you read stats like:

  • 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately (compared to only 45% who do the same with email).
  • 89% of millennials – the largest living demographic group in the United States – get their mail at the first available opportunity and then sort it at first available opportunity, which is usually same day. (We wrote all about them and their love of direct mail in another blog post.)
  • 69% of people feel that mail is more personal than the internet.

To see a successful multi-channel campaign in action, check out our Portillo’s case study.

At Precision Dialogue, by pairing our dynamic print capabilities with sophisticated digital asset management technology, we enable our clients to deliver highly personalized direct mail that lifts response, increases repeat orders and significantly impacts average order size.

Precision Dialogue is proud to be a Full Service Certified Mail Provider for the USPS. If you are interested in learning more about how to effectively take advantage of a 2017 USPS promotion, contact me directly at