We can help you realize your marketing potential, from possibility to precision.

Delivering on the promise of customer relevance requires implementing the optimal strategy. Our expert consulting practice develops insight-driven strategies that guide marketing initiatives and lead to improved customer engagement.

It’s time to be relevant to your customers, right now. We’ll help you understand where to start and how to harness the moving parts that are specific to your business. In our experience, we see a common evolution to true engagement. Each client falls uniquely within this continuum, and our consulting approach is tailored accordingly.

Customer Engagement Evolution


a working foundation
  • Strategic plan
  • Single view of the customer
  • Enabling tools and technology
  • Process development
  • Initial testing


customer engagement
  • Analytic-driven contact strategy
  • Robust testing plan
  • Dynamic imagery and copy
  • Trigger events
  • Loyalty ‘program’
  • Marketing automation


into best practices
  • Multivariate testing
  • Optimization
  • Attribution / marketing mix modeling
  • Next best action
  • Apply contextual data
  • Advanced customization
  • Enhanced triggers, with models


in a true 1:1 dialogue
  • Automated, triggered marketing in real-time
  • Ongoing response and value assessments by individual customer
  • Omni-channel integration
  • Customer advocacy at the core
  • Customer at the center of entire organization

Last year, we were named a Leader in Customer Engagement Strategy by Forrester Research, in The Forrester Wave: Customer Insights Services Providers, Q4 2015. The report cited our strategy consulting, journey map development, creative services, program execution, and emotional response measurement offerings as the main drivers of our top rank.

Strategic Consulting Capabilities

Our Thoughts in Action

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