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Experience our one-of-a-kind modern user research lab and observe your customers' behaviors and decision-making processes.

Precision Experience LabSM is a full-service usability lab and market research facility combining a modern, high-tech set-up with a creative and comfortable space. Precision Dialogue is the only customer engagement firm in the Midwest with a full solution of both owned in-lab and mobile eye tracking capabilities, offering you an unrivaled and unparalleled first look into your customers' decision-making processes and behavioral patterns. Our sophisticated eye tracking capabilities can be used to test everything from a tangible product, to a Website, mobile application, email, TV commercial, direct mail piece or in-store product display.

Features of our state-of-the-art user research facility:

  • Just 7 miles away from Cleveland Hopkins Airport and close to Cleveland's best hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues
  • The lab includes separate entrances for observers and participants for comfort and ease
  • Over 2,100 square feet of dedicated customer research space, holding 20+ observers comfortably
  • Observation space includes whiteboards, Wi-Fi, a full kitchen, and a private breakout/work room with a desk, phone and copier
  • Sound-resistant and private participant room intimate enough for testing one respondent, yet flexible enough to easily accommodate focus groups
  • Control center for better tracking and higher quality
  • Digital recordings of all sessions
  • Real-time audio visual monitoring with a projector screen and several extra large flat screen displays
  • Numerous hidden camera viewing options, including top down for paper prototypes or direct mail testing and camera angles of each side of the room for full coverage of focus groups
  • In-lab, mobile-or remote eye tracking
  • One-way mirror
  • A creative environment to facilitate ideation along with plenty of comforts from soft leather chairs or couch to our "candy wall" and gourmet coffee, tea and hot cocoa machine

Taking the guesswork out of much of what you do ultimately leads to higher conversions and revenue.

For more information about our capabilities, please contact us.