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Targeted Acquisition Program

Precision Dialogue optimizes the performance of direct mail programs with sophisticated analytic modeling techniques, resulting in increased conversion rates and return on marketing dollars invested.

Improve Direct Mail Performance with Targeted Customer Acquisition Programs

To optimize the performance of direct mail, Precision Dialogue’s targeted acquisition program utilizes predictive modeling to identify individuals with a higher propensity to respond, resulting in increased conversion rates and return on marketing dollars invested.


  • Improve customer acquisition effectiveness
  • Align marketing resources with customer value
  • Increase the relevance of offers and messages, leading to improved conversion rates and program profitability


  • Precision Dialogue’s Analytics experts generate a descriptive profile to identify characteristics that distinguish customers from non - customers
  • A targeting model is built and the prospect universe is scored
  • A targeted acquisition marketing program is designed that extends at least 120 days with a minimum test cell of 100,000 prospects that will be targeted utilizing the custom prospect model created by Precision Dialogue. Test design consultation services will be provided
  • A prospect list is generated for each wave of the program based on predictive model scores
  • Precision Dialogue Direct handles the execution of direct mail printing and mailing for each wave of the program
  • Client provides response data for performance reporting and campaign ROI analysis


  • Customer profile analysis report and findings
  • Prospect model overview and scored lists
  • Generation of performance reports at 45 days and 90 days post drop for each wave with ROI analysis and strategic recommendations

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